‘From a Forest of Standing Mirrors’ by Anthony Vine (winner Gaudeamus Award 2016)

Gaudeamus Muziekweek presents young music pioneers. ‘From a Forest of Standing Mirrors’ by Anthony Vine performed by Ensemble Modelo62 Ensemble. Recorded live at Theater Kikker, Utrecht, 8 September 2016.
Anthony Vine based From a Forest of Standing Mirrors on a desolate world. Or an abandoned one? Rather, meaningless and purposeless. The dance Umwelt by French choreographer Maguy Marin lies at the root of Vine’s composition. Umwelt consists of a bleak environment filled with man-sized mirrors. In between these mirrors dancers are moving, not dancing, but acting. Actually, the only thing they do is repeat everyday activities: eating, changing clothes, fighting, trying on clothes, acting like a dog, taking out the trash. In this fashion they slide into view from behind a mirror, then disappearing behind an adjacent mirror. A thick layer of white noise surrounds the whole. It is a static, meaningless environment. It is a little like Samuel Becektt’s work, where things only happen because they happen, without direction, without a goal.
Marin’s work is a sort of distant, blurry dream to Vine. Her work is seldom performed in the United States and he never saw it live, he only knows it from films: “I always followed her work from a distance. It feels like a foggy memory, filtered by my computer. It has something strange about it.” Even so, Vine saw a parallel between his and Marin’s work. “My work is
about reflection and stagnation too. From a Forest of Standing Mirrors consists of harmonic pillars, raised up from the sounds of five tuned gongs. During the performance these vertical sound blocks are exposed to different degrees of reflection and fragmentation. Because the material is so fragile, the seemingly repetetive surface becomes an eternally sliding silhouet that appears to move spontenously and unexpectedly.”
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