⭐ Homopolar Motor DIY

This Homopolar Motor DIY is super easy to do and lots of fun to watch. By using a double AA battery and some 1/2 inch neodymium magnets and some bare copper wire, you can create a motor that will spin at a high rate of speed.

By sticking a stack of neodymium magnets on the "negative" side of the double AA battery and forming a shape with the copper wire so it touches the magnets and the "positive" side of the battery (keeping in mind that the shape of the wire needs to be balanced pretty well so that it does not fall off) the copper figurine that you formed will spin at an amazing speed!

Be aware that the battery drains pretty rapidly so the wire AND the battery get EXTREMELY warm. So be very careful with this project. The longer you run the motor the warmer the battery and wire get....

If you take a fully charged battery and run it into the ground which is approx. 3 - 5 minutes with a duracell in my tryings, the battery will become week and will not power the coil anymore. The battery becomes extremely exhausted which means that the battery will be very hot....please do not through the battery in the garbage. Instead when you are done with the experiment, setting the battery on a cool concrete slab or in the dirt will cool it best.

When you are done cooling the battery, please recycle it. :-)


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