Alternative Fuel Cars And Alternative Fuels Tips

http://forexcashflowsystem.allalla.com In the simplest form, an alternative fuel is one that is not produced by using crude oil. They are simply fuels that replace conventional gasoline as a means of powering vehicles. Alternative fuels have desirable energy efficiency and pollution reduction features. The 1990 Clean Air Act encourages development and sale of alternative fuels. Basically, alternative fuels include methane, propane, ethanol, and compressed gas among others. The use of alterative fuels informed people that they should switch to alternative fuel vehicles now.

There are two types of alternative fuel cars - those that are originally designed to run on these new fuels and those that have been converted to run on alternative fuels. Car companies will also make hybrid vehicles that can run on either gasoline or other fuels. Many people call these cars "green vehicles" because of their positive effect on the environment.

Since the trend is toward producing and buying environmentally friendly vehicles, nearly every major car manufacturer has at least one green vehicle in their inventory. We're relatively sure that as alternative fuels become more and more popular because of the cost and the positive effects on our environment, the number of green vehicles will dramatically increase in the next few years.

As of 2006, here is a list of some of the green vehicles manufactured by some of the major car companies:

• Honda Insight
• Honda Accord Hybrid
• Dodge Ram Pickup 1500 Series
• Dodge Stratus Sedan
• Dodge Durango SUV
• Dodge Caravan Minivan
• Ford
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