004 Improve HHO test housing & TEST Figures!

yea I added some stuff to help in testing my cell.

I also recommend a couple of products, but as with anything else, shop around and try to get the best deal.

Great White Pipe Joint compound = great for connections; rated at 3,000 psi on gases from -50 degrees F to +500 degrees F; here is the link for the specs/info only (IOW I'm not making money by posting these links)...


Roebic Crystal Drain Opener = 100% Sodium Hydroxide! Here is the link for it...


I also did some initial tests with the Sodium Hydroxide and my Smack Booster cell. Note: I used 2 liters of water and added the Sodium Hydroxide by the teaspoon.

1. Cold cell, 1 tsp, 10.95 V, 15 amps, 500ml = mmw 3.04

2. cold cell 1 tsp, 12.6 V, 22 amps, 500ml = mmw 2.58

3. lukewarm cell 2 tsp, 9.98 V, 24 amps, 500ml = mmw 2.51

4. warm cell 3 tsp, 10.35 V, 25 amps, 500ml = mmw 3.74

Anyway, thats what I have done so far.


p.s dumb question but what am I shooting for when it comes to MMW? What is everyone else getting? Drop a line and let me know.
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