009 HHO Alkaline Electrolytes in Hydrogen Cells,

Showing the different approaches I took with alkaline Electrolytes and explains why I choose Baking Soda and Tap Water as a short time solution, not in the long run. KOH and NaOH are very very aggressive and if you don't have a Super-metal available both will eat up your plates. Borax or Ant Poison makes a big brown Mess and makes not a very good Electrolyte.
I researched the mixing of different metals into the Electrolyte which will not produce more but pulling a lot of Amps and taking down the Voltage thus creating a lot of Heat.
I believe the different metals I mixed needed first a potential Equalization. The Current was used for that instead of HHO Production. At least I found how to make a an efficient Water heater. As an update I'm using at this point an Extract of Diatomcecous Earth and MgOxide. forget all the ones I have used so far.
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