055 HHO highly efficient Hydrogen Reactor Test

Update: Washers are round with no Ends. Theoretically they should produce all around the Periphery. What I diidnt know at the time that serrating the Circumference would make a better Design since it gives ,instead of even spread, focal lines at the edge where the electrons being pushed off by the following Electrons. See for more Explanation the 3 Dollar Cell in the uploads.

Remember these washers are only 3/4 inch Diameter on a 7 Watt power Supply .The bigger the more Output. The more material you throw the more you can get. Watch closely and you will be able to see how Oxihydrogen is forced out of the Zones and the streaming Gases taking additional Bubbles from surrounding areas with it. That is why Squish Cells are more efficient than Neutral Cells. They are not stagnant and don't need much of pulsing to release Gas Bubbles. Pulsing, Squishing or mech. Shaking releases more Bubbles off the Lead Surface since they are sticking to it, making Electrolysis more efficient.
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