1 Watt Nuclear Generator - Free Energy

An update on the progress of using tritium keychains to generate electrical power. Lighting a single LED with max output of 1 Watt.

Anyone who watches my channel knows I love renewable and alternative energy. I bought a tritium keychain because I loved the idea of having a nuclear powered device in my pocket.

The tritium emits electrons through beta decay which excites the phosphor coating inside the vial, making a pleasant but not overly bright light.

It's not free energy because the keychains cost around $15 and there's the problem of having more nuclear waste in the world once the tritium decays to a point where it's no longer useful. But it's a viable alternative energy source at least and potentially useful for emergency power situations.

I wanted to know whether I could get more ouf ot this little nuclear device and started testing with various different methods of generating power. Eventually I found that a simple coil made from magnet wire was enough to illuminate a single LED. With some tweaks in coil size and number of turns, I was able to get a maximum of 1 watt out of the keychain. It's not a huge amount of power but the tritium is good for 10-20 years so it's reasonable.

This is a bit simpler than other diy nuclear generators or nuclear reactors.

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