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The Wood Gasifier Builder's Bible, a new book on wood gasification is being released on September 15, 2014. Visit http://woodgasifierplans.com for more info.

In this book you will learn how to build a WWII wood gasifier with advanced shaker grate, heat recycling and automation that eliminate common gasifier problems. We took the Imbert Gasifier and gave it a total makeover with locally available DIY materials.

In this video, author Ben Peterson gives you a sneak peak at the book and shows you unique footage of building a wood gasifier as an alternate energy source that can heat your home, make electricity to go off grid and alternative fuel vehicles in times of oil shock and shortage.

Ben is handing down his knowledge gained at Victory Gasworks to the next generation in this new book. He has built many downdraft gasifiers, including the "Doomsday Preppers Gasifier" for engineer775 (Scott Hunt) that appeared on the show.

Make biomass fuels by distilling wood gas from branches and construction debris. Building a gasifier is fun, but converting biomass to energy for free is AWESOME! This is the best survival skill there is. Period.

The wood gas generator is a micro refinery that allows you to wood fuel engines. It's petro free and proven for over 100 years. There is some great footage of a Kubota wood gasification generator that was made to run on wood fuel or propane. The machine has a powerful gasifier blower that gives it quick start times and ample gas flow, perfect for storing wood gas.

Sure there are free plans out there, like the FEMA wood gasifier, but do you want to make tar? You could build a gek wood gasifier, but I think you will find this design better balanced and easier to build. For 1/3 the price of a leaf wood gasifier, you can build your own and gain from the experience learned over 20,000 hours that made it into THIS DESIGN.

Woodgas technology for the common man has made a leap forward with this new book and the work of other DIY'ers like Wayne Keith and Vesa Mikkonen.

As an added bonus Ben is also publishing a workshop to build a wood gasifier air mixer or an "Electronic Carburetor" as he calls it. This is the missing ingredient for thousands of builders trying to make woodgas power in their first or 10th gasifier build.

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