100 MPG Car - Nissan Sentra - Pinoy Experiment

This video presentation is about Mr. X's 100MPG Nissan Sentra... as a matter of fact, it's more than 100 MPG.

The car is a 1999 Nissan Sentra LEC GA13 DOHC 1300 engine. A B13 Series Sentra... nothing special. The Customized Screen fuel vaporizer shown here is from a Toyota Corolla which is also part of the system.

This is what you get when you mix GEET, Spiral Vortex exhaust, Fuel Vaporizers, Simota and modified intake plus Hydrogen on Demand kit on an old Sentra.

How much is 47.05 km/liter in MPG?

There are 3.5 Liters per 1 U.S. Gallon. 1.6 km per 1 mile. ...you do the math.


I wanted to use Eric Clapton's "Change the world" for the background music... but youtube won't allow it due to copyright issues. At any rate, "Aria" by Yanni is always a beautiful background music. Thank you to Yanni for making such a beautiful music.

Thanks to Mr. X... from somewhere in the Philippines who only wish to share Green Technologies to the rest of the world.

He doesn't need fame nor fortune... just one car conversion at a time. He doesn't wish to go out of the country... He is one of the few Pinoys who believes that we can make this a better country by holding on to our guns here at home... so to speak. I admire such nobility. I salute this guy. As promised... I will not reveal his identity; so for the time being... He will be known as Mr. X.
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