100+ MPG Project New Fuel Vaporizer Design Part 1.2

New fuel vaporizer design continued! I have been very blessed to have received the vast amount of help and support many of you have given!

Thanks to all of you who contribute to this technology! I wish to give a special thank you to Mr. S (you know who you are) for all the help you have given me, you have brought forth miracles! Thank You!

To help fund these project's please click on the link bellow to donate. If you are able to contribute by donating items such as microwave transformers, circuitry parts, transformer cores steel aluminum tubing etc. please let me know. If you are not able to donate or send items that are needed please contribute by sharing your knowledge. Thanks for all the support!


For more information on different types of gas vapor systems please visit: http://panacea-bocaf.org/fuelvaporizationtechnology.htm

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