100-watt Flexible Solar Panel on Vancouver Solar Electric e-Bike Trailer Needs Redesign

Everybody wants to be a Vancouver Gadgeteer, even Richmond City Hall's Chief of Security.

There is too much flexing on the solar panel, as the lexan "backbone" glue isn't rigid enough.

The revived batteries on this ebike were installed in 2004 and have much lower capacity, higher resistance.

The 100 watt flexible panel is producing only an estimated 60 watts net effect to the battery due to losses.

MG Chemicals "Super Contact Cleaner" and other contact cleaners were applied to all contact points and terminals, then covered with a sealant.

The constant voltage converter is the key to this electric vehicle project.

Vancouver Gadgeteers Amateur Inventors & Tinkerers Club (an informal association of hobbyists) created this solar-powered electric vehicle.
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