£10,000 Straw Bale House Wales.mp4

Brian Stinchcombe built his own straw bale house for only TEN THOUSAND POUNDS, as shown in this video.
According to an article in the Independent, this house was due to be demolished in 1997, because the 'planners' (bribe takers, in other words, who work for the building industry, while pretending to work for the council) didn't approve.
"Officials at Brecon Beacons National Park are worried that the 40ft by 20ft dwelling in the scenic South Wales countryside will open the way to more requests for building."
Yes, we can't have that, can we - people building their own houses and living mortgage free.
Please watch the two films, 'The Money Masters' and 'The Secret of Oz' so that you can understand exactly how the banking system works, and how you and your children are being deprived of your birthright and liberty because of the corrupt fractional reserve system.
Just imagine what life would be like if you and your children could build your own houses for £10,000. Imagine if we took OUR land back from the land thieves who stole hundreds of thousands of acres of it from OUR ancestors, and now have the cheek to try to sell it back to us in tiny amounts, at ridiculously overinflated prices, thus forcing us to work for our entire lives just to be able to afford a modern 'rabbit hutch' house with no garden, no privacy, and no peace.
You are all living in a giant concentration camp, called 'Great Britain', with no way to live OUTSIDE of 'the system'. At least, not until enough of us wake up and fight back against the scum in power.
It's a great shame that an entire two hour documentary wasn't made about the construction of this wonderful house, and also about Brian Stinchcombe's battle with the corrupt scum in his local planning office, when they demanded that it be destroyed.
Please download the program 'Youtube Downloader' and download this video to your hard drive, so that Jewtube can't delete it. Do this with every video you find that means something to you - the more of us who have copies of these important videos, the less chance 'they' have of censoring any dissent.
What a surprise that the 'journalist' in this video is a complete tosser, who spouts the 'party line' throughout - that of incredulity at the very idea of building a house for £10,000, trying to find faults where there are none, etc.
What I found interesting was that in Barbara Jones's book "Building with Straw Bales", she says that "A small office in the garden might cost £35,000 (although substantially less with recycled materials and volunteer labour), and a three bedroomed house could be £100,000. Affordable council houses are currently being built for a maximum of £110,000, maybe less." Affordable? Since Brian Stinchcombe's house only cost £10,000, why the huge increase in estimated prices in her book? The walls of Brian's house can't have cost more than £500 for the straw.
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