1002 Stanley Meyers Fuel Injector Technology

Sam said: "I agree it sounds impossible, then you remember those old high school chemistry days and the electrolysis of water, and you may begin to wonder, then you see the old dune buggy, and Stanley Meyers conversion cars running around and perhaps you begin to wonder if this could really happen. It is certainly the type of technology that could get a lot of us killed or shut down. I am sure those already profiting from oil would do anything to stay in control. Well let us follow some of Stanley Meyers research and see what he did, while he was still alive.." ".....I am also looking to eventually post any and all of your 24 videos, the 'h2oplasmaplug' videos, with your permission, of course. Original Publisher, Matt McMahon's Rejoinder: "That's totally fine just make sure under the video they can find me with the original link ' http://youtu.be/Iehfe4-qGbw ' so they can ask me questions. That's all I ask. Feel free. Matt McMahon, Ottawa, Ontario Canada, 613-894-4949, Personal Email, h2oplasmaplug@gmail.com. So we have it all: the video, the permission, and the connection with the publishers and developers of these videos, with more information at end of this summary." Comments included: " If anyone actually built an engine that ran on water, why wouldn't they just sell the engines aftermarket? Why all these "demonstration engines" to get the attention of the car companies? The guy in this video actually says he can retrofit existing engines. So why isn't he just selling the retrofit kits? You don't need millions of dollars - build one engine, sell it for more than it cost, use the proceeds to build another, repeat. The fact is, it JUST DOESN'T EXIST. It's Snake Oil!" "Publishers rejoinder, h2oplasmaplug: He is dead that's why we don't have it." "I'd like to get in touch with you, since I have so many questions I'd like to ask, but no one seems to be able to answer. Can you pm me ? Thank you," "Publishers rejoinder, h2oplasmaplug: contact me on Facebook look up Matt McMahon Cox Proulx or go to my website where I open sourced how to run an engine on water. Iusewaterasfuel. Go to the public forum." "Trying to figure out how this conversions works?" "Publishers rejoinder, h2oplasmaplug: You should get involved in my open sourced water fuel engine build. Go to the public forum all the info is there at iusewaterasfuel" "all process to generate HHO and plasma explosion is inside of the injector. If I can help, I'm ready to work." "Publishers rejoinder, h2oplasmaplug: You mean the guy in the video if so that's Stanley Allen Meyer he ran an engine on water." Publisherss Notes: "Uploaded on Sep 28, 2011 h2oplasmaplug 24 videos 12:05 092811 011913 2463 views This is pretty much what i am trying to replicate.I need more help. I do plan to do a few changes based on what he has shown. i have replicated a few water spark plugs but i have to invest more money in to the design. this is going to cost much more. as soon as i get a chance i will be doing a video with what i have done so far"
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