100kWh+ Powerwall?!?!

Yes! You heard it right... I got 100+kWh of batteries at home and soon all is hooked up.

This is just a very quick update so im not going to go into all details here. I have several other videos about that and more details!

Main battery bank
Current: (14 400cells)
36 Valence 12V LiFePo4 packs. Each 130Ah (Meassured around 120)

36*4*130*3.3 = 61kWh!!!
Useable tested is 57kWh atleast :)

This bank can constantly deliver 1350Ampere. Thats 71kW!! Nothing you play around with.

To come: 12 more packs with another 19kWh (4800 cells more)

Secondary bank:
3360 Laptop cells avg 2200mAh.
Sums up 27kWh.

So total tested storage that i have that is being installed

It will be running with Batrium BMS system as of now.

(If i calculated all numbers above correctly...)

Stay tuned for more videos! Just shoot with comments below on what areas you want to see more of.

Videos planned or filmed so far:

Installing Batrium
Building the shelf and making it withstand 800+kg.
Cabling for a bank like this one. How do you fuse it and how to dimension the cables.
Building distribution blocks
Connecting 2 different banks and switches
Overview of my solar system.
And more...

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