100W Solar Power Briefcase for Calamities

A 100W portable solar power briefcase, ideal for responding to calamities and emergencies.

The solar briefcase is composed of two 50W solar panels from cdrking. It has two heavy duty hinges holding the panels together and a locking clasp.

It originally had a solar charge controller mounted inside, with the intention of using the system with a deep cycle lead acid battery.

I was never keen on the idea of using a lead acid battery due to the cost, maintenance and portability issues.

My latest idea is to simply use inexpensive 12V or 24V USB adapters that are often found in cars and other motor vehicles. They're quite tolerant of higher voltages and can even operate down as low as 6V which means they'll continue to operate even with the panel is shaded. Albeit with a lower maximum power output.

This is ideal for charities and other NGOs that respond to communities hit by calamities. It's lightweight for the power it produces, easy to maintain and uses inexpensive components.

If you want to store power from the solar panels during the day and then use it at night, you can simply connect standard powerbanks or portable USB batteries.

Ultimately I'd probably want to install a fan-assisted buck-boost regulator inside the briefcase to regulate the voltage to ~12V. This would still allow the use of inexpensive in-car USB adapters but make it a little easier on them. I'd add a bypass switch just in case the regulator failed.

This video was shot in Manila, Philippines.

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