11 coil micro Bedini

This Bedini monopole was built in 08' if I remember right. Its has 12 coils, 1 is used for trigger the other 11 are power coils. To those who know their Bedini theory please be kind this was a long time ago in my research, so there is a lot of areas of correction needed. The Transistors are tip-3055 from the shack and the coil wire came from 12 identical computer fans that I unwound and rewound around sewing bobbins. The rotor is just a plain ol' Rollerblade bearing with 8 rare earth magnets all north out. The battery that I was charging is a dead one, was trying to bring it back to life. That was the purpose of this video, to prove that the battery was starting to hold a charge again as opposed to it not taking a charge from conventional charger. Ok, tired of typing will try to fill in the gaps with notes during the video.
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