12.8 volt Salt Water Powered Battery [One Bucket] -Transportable

Low Amperage 12 Volt Battery that runs on Salt Water in One Small Bucket. I carry this around my house for additional sources of light but would most likely be best for power outages and the like. Supplies Needed: 3 Tbl Salt, Apx. 3 Cups of Water, External Bucket, 16 Individual Cells .8 volt each [comprised of 1" pvc with cap (5" long), 3/4" copper pipe (5" long), 1/4" threaded bolt (5 5/8" long)], wire, alligator clips, 1/4" nuts help hold the wire to the negative post, rubber bands. The positive wire is attached to the outside of the copper (I used super glue and electrical tape though I am sure soldering would be much better :) )
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