17,000 RPM turbine digital thermometer Tesla vortex style turbine

This is a Vortex tube that is designed for cold generation applications from compressed air. I am using the vortex to spin a thermometer at 17,000 rpm with only vortex air surface contact and no turbine blades.

This appears to be a more efficient method of spinning flywheels.

This discovery lead me to the new EASY DIY STEAM TURBINE

One Inch Diameter = Circumference of 3.14 inches
@ 17,000 rpm x 3.14 = 53,380 inches per minute
divided x 12 = 4,448 feet per minute
divided x 5,280 = .842 mile per minute
.842 x 60 = 50.5 miles per hour top speed.

Not bad for a non contact blade free turbine.

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