#18 Dodge Daytona TEST DRIVE EV Conversion 1986 Electric Car Beat Gas Prices

Wow. Well the day has come when the Daytona left the garage. And it wasn't from me or anybody pushing it. I hit the switch and it left by itself on 12 volts. Then I took it for a spin around the yard, but the resistance from the snow proved to be a little much for just one battery. If I drive it with any higher voltage, I will probably be hooking up the controller though, because I don't think it's good for the contactor to be doing that.

I found a new guy on the block, it sounds like he's been converting his Escort for a while but he just posted his first video last week. He is the youngest converter I know. He's got me beat by two years, he's 17. I encourage you to check Andrew out and subscribe to his videos.
Here's the link to his first video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7yBv5Cm1WM4

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If you like my videos be sure to check out Norm n2confusion, Blair lpgas1, Ed ZeroGasoline, Eric evric2008, and Gav cant7think7clearly. This project wouldn't be possible without these people's videos and help.
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