2 LED Joule Thief

I was looking at Slider2732 channel and saw his Halloween light.
I thought i must be possible to let the LEDs shine a little brighter, by putting them reversed over the coils. Yes this is the case! But... they run at a higher voltage. Sliders circuit i have running at 0.27Volts! Amazing!

But the whole reason i am testing is because of the copper-lead batteries. I found on Wikipedia that under 0.3Volts cell : there is no dissolving of the metals in the water! (no redox reaction) So i took copper and lead. They produce exactly 0.3Volts per cell.

With salt in the water i could only get 3uAmps of power. With Alum i get 300uAmps.
Well let see what the future will bring and if the lead is not dissolving.
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