200 KWp Solar Rooftop Project with Net Metering at Nagpur!

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Windsun Renewables Pvt Ltd
502, Suryakiran Complex, Opp VNIT Main Gate, Nagpur, India 440010

Email:- info@windsun.in M: 09552598815

Our Vision
• Strive to produce the India’s best Energy Integrator in terms of quality, price and performance
• Aggressively capitalize on the emerging Grid and Off Grid opportunities in Solar Energy.
• Partner with the world’s best Energy companies for delivering the best quality products to the customers
Our Mission
• To translate the advanced technologies into value for the customers
• To ensure that the comprehensive business solutions will spearhead the Renewable energy movement for a cleaner and greener environment globally
Our Aim
• To accelerate the adoption of Renewable Energy technology across India to conserve our environment and provide an environmentally friendly, sustainable and conflict-free power supply.
• To increase the number of clients served by 30% to 40% rise per year through superior performance and through mouth referrals
• To develop the sustainable startup consultancy company who survives on its own cash flow.
Business Objective
• Providing the customized Energy services at a reasonable price.
• Increase the growth rate of Energy sales.
• Provide the product/service quicker than the competitors.
• Become successful in the specified area.
• Increase the level of awareness with customers for solar energy.
• Maintain a staff of enthusiastic employees for excellent service to customer.
• Increase average monthly sales in first year to reach break-even.
• To provide long lasting and durable solar products.

About Us

Windsun Renewables Pvt. Ltd is a new venture Primarily focused on renewable energy platform in Grid Tie Solar Project from Kw to MW and Wind Power Projects consultancy . Windsun Renewables is a 360 energy and environmental energy solutions provider.

Windsun Renewables provides one stop solutions for all energy needs to our diverse clients ( Customised) solutions. The company has sculpted well proven, cost effective and efficient business models based on their unique solutions for Indian Renewable Industry.

One Stop RE Solutions Providers ( Customer Centric Approach)

Our Team of Industry Experts follows unique approach to offer maximum benefit to our customers; we offer customized solutions to ensure higher return on investments.
Wind Energy Solutions:
• Wind Resource Assessment (Using latest version of WAsP software)
• Site Identification
• Feasibility Study
• PLF Estimation.
• Detailed Project Report.
• Project Designing & Planning
• Micro‐siting
• Assistance in Tendering
• Project Management Services.
• Performance Monitoring.
• Operation & Maintenance Auditing Services

Solar Energy Solutions:
A) Solar Energy ( MW & Rooftop)

• Site identification and selection
• Evaluation of site suitability based on relevant attributes
• PLF Estimation Studies.
• Bid/Tender Preparation.
• Project design
• Technology evaluation based on energy demand
• Financial modeling
• Pre‐contract documentation, specifications and negotiations
• Load analysis
• Provisional system design
• Detailed specifications of system components
• Layout diagrams
• Detailed technical report
• Project Supervision
• Performance Monitoring
• Project Execution
• Operation & Maintenance of Project for Life Time

B) Energy Trading ( Open Access)

• Energy Sale through Open Access (Conventional & Renewable) in Maharashtra.
• Energy Auditing
• Sale of Energy through Solar Rooftop Project on Long Term basis.
• Power Sale Via Long Term Open Access
• Regulatory Advisory
• Electricity Duty Exemptions

Project Finance: Our Expert team consists of Industry veterans provide assistance in project appraisal and support in arranging equity and debt financing from financial institutions.

Procurement & supply chain management: We are part of Navitas Green Solutions P Ltd. , leading solar panel manufacturers in India with one of the most advanced production lines in India.
Product Range of Navitas ( with more emphasis on BIPV)
Solar power Solutions
Centralized Solar Street Light

Solar Rooftop for Residential & Commercial

Solar power DC Pump

Customised Solution Industry Specific

Manufacturing Industries, Process Plants, Hospitals, Commercial Spaces , Offices, IT Industry , Residential Apartments, Public Utility buildings.

Ownership Options

Tax Advantages
1. AD
2. 80 IA
3. Green
Team Windsun

Experienced management team from Renewable & finance sector have synergies to form windsun

Reference Project:
20 KW Govt. of Maharashtra

Quality statement :

Your Professional partner in Solar Space
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