2009/06/01 fuel reformer reactor breaking in

June 1st 2009
A 6.5 hp power generator equipped with a fuel reformer.
- One of the first test runs. Reactor is not yet burned in. In this video the engine runs on the bubbler fumes, the original carburetor fuel supply is switched off. The engine runs only with the exhaust gases pushing into the bubbler! In the video I close the exhaust outlet with my right hand, so that the exhaust gases go into the bubbler. Later I mounted a valve on that outlet.
I also tried to increase the pressure by closing the outlet of the muffler, but that did not work out.

The fresh air valve is wide open. If I close it a little, the engine slows down. I am not sure if the reactor is already reforming or not. I will put my attention on that in the next test runs. More test runs will follow soon.

Some pictures:


You can find more information about that system on the yahoo group "vortexheatexchanger" or google for "GEET Pantone"
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