2013 NISSAN Versa Sedan - Continuously Variable Transmission

Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) (if so equipped)

The Continuously Variable Transmission, or CVT, elevates the entire driving experience. Its single flexible belt creates a virtual "gearless transmission" with no conventional fixed ratios.

Whereas a typical automatic has four or five fixed gears, CVT has an infinite number. This eliminates the jolt of conventional shifting and hunting for the right gear when driving up a hill. CVT adjusts output to keep the engine in the most efficient rpm range.

On your CVT shift lever, you will see the standard park, reverse, neutral, and drive positions. For normal forward driving use the D position. The L, or LOW, position on a CVT is the same as the 1 position on automatic transmissions. Use this position when maximum engine braking is needed, for example, when approaching sharp curves.

In such situations, another way to improve engine braking is to press this button on the shift lever and turn OFF the OVERDRIVE feature of your CVT. An indicator light will turn on. Press again to reactivate OVERDRIVE mode.

Each time the engine is started, or when the shift lever is shifted to any position other than DRIVE, the OVERDRIVE OFF mode will automatically cancel.
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