2017 Toyota Prius Prime Review - 2017 Toyota Prius Prime plug-in hybrid review with range

The TOYOTA PRIUS is the most fuel-efficient model in the market without any plug. The new Prius prime however adds plug-in hybrid capability.

The fourth-generation Prius was introduced last year with improved steering and handling and a better fuel efficiency than before for the first time, with styling that is quite different from the looks it carried for more than a decade. Toyota is now remaking its Prius Plug-In and named it as Prius Prime. The term prime in it indicates “best”. Toyota has doubled its new model’s all-electric driving range. Prius has a wide-ranging nameplate.

Toyota Prius C s smaller and unrelated while Prius V is a taller wagon. Prius and Prius prime will have a bold leading edge-look and technology. Toyota’s belief in hybrids is not hidden from anyone. Prius is better than Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid, Ford Fusion Hybrid, and Hyundai Sonata Hybrid. All of these are mid-sized sedans and accept electric battery pack and associated hybrid technology. This reduces their cargo space. This is no more an issue in case of Prius, which is designed from scratch as a hybrid vehicle. None of these cars can match Toyota when it comes to efficiency of fuel.

The Prius models have got a unique exterior styling. The car is all-new with updated rear and technology. Front side features LED headlights using which there is no tension of travelling through darkness, which special quad-element high-tech headlamps. The glass at the back is curved and a wave-like pattern is drawn on it which is a unique design. This is something that is not found on many vehicles today. It looks cool and helps in increasing the aerodynamics inside the vehicle. The hatch is made using carbon fiber-reinforced plastic, the material known for its light weight and strength. The overall weight is 3362 pounds which is 352 more than the lightest version of Prius. Prius prime is more attractive than standard Prius which has somehow odd styling.


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