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25psi Compressed Gasoline Vapors and 30psi HHO Gas Torch Demonstration 9-9-2012

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25psi Compressed Gasoline Vapors and 30psi HHO Gas Torch Demonstration 9-9-2012.
During this demonstration just for safety I put the gasoline supply outside the garage just for extra safety and I did have a fire extinguisher in case there was any mishaps. I was 100% sure that everything was going to go great. This demonstration was done for the first time without any practice run. You are viewing it for the first time as I was demonstrating it and doing it for the first time and each of us was experiencing it together. I am not an expert welder I do not know if I was mixing the fuel mixtures correctly but I was doing the best I can. I do not know if I was using too much HHO during the process I will have practices off-camera that will make me an expert. Like I have said in other videos, the last time I practice welding was when I was in seventh grade and that is many many years ago. I consider myself a rookie when it comes to the actual welding process. But this demonstration was a very interesting and a beginning that we can use HHO and a fossil fuel to be used in many different applications. Can you imagine having a dual fuel injector one delivering gasoline vapors or any flammable liquid in vapor form and the other one delivering compressed HHO to the engine cylinder through a dual delivery system per cylinder. I am just shooting ideas that we can all brainstorm and use gasoline and HHO more efficiently under compression and delivering it to the engine with super fuel efficiency. I do not recommend this experiment to anybody unless you have done something like this in the past like I have done in past videos using gasoline vapors and testing flashback arrestors. Never send the gasoline and HHO Gas through the same line if you do not know what you are doing. I can mix the HHO gas and gasoline together in my HHO machine because my machine is designed to work with a flammable liquid from the manufacture. I have a second chamber designed for liquid fuel that the HHO gas passes through before exiting the machine that I can add flammable liquids or just add water to occupy the space when not used. During this experiment I wanted to run a control fuel mixture delivering the vapors independently to the torch having full control of the amount of each mixture to the torch.

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