3-6 John Searl levitation technology (SEG)

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Searl Effect Generator (SEG)

When Searl first activated his device, the rollers (rotors) began to rotate around the plate (stator), generating a charge-pumping action on an open circuit configuration. At threshold speed, the device maintained its rotation with no additional energy input from the peripheral electromagnets. In the case of the original prototype, however, Searl had not provided a dampening mechanism, which caused a positive energy feedback loop to occur (circuit virtually closed) as the machine charged or ionized the air surrounding it, causing the device to accelerate. Eventually the generator experienced a severe drop in temperature inversely proportional to the increasing electric current as the electrical resistance decreased into lines predicted by the Pinch (plasma physics) effect. The random kinetic energy of the electrons became uniform in motion (physics), directly resulting in very high electron velocity, and thus the SEG quickly achieved superconductivity at extremely low temperatures. In this state, quantum tunneling electrons surged through the generator in the form of unimpeded Cooper pairs, resulting in very high negative potentials at the device's periphery.

Through a process similar to ionization, a pink halo formed about the machine and intense electric fields repelled the surrounding negatively charged air strongly enough to form a vacuum. This vacuum and the geometry of the SEG prevented flashover of the millions of volts generated. The energy levels escalated enormously as the SEG effectively absorbed or converted the ambient temperature and all other environmental sources of the electromagnetic spectrum immediately surrounding the machine into useful electrical power. The process is believed to strip the electron's kinetic energy by rectifying its normally random motional state in to a uniform state, accelerating it back into the environment, where the electrons regain normal levels of kinetic energy. The SEG's electric fields would then re-attract the surrounding electrons through the relativity positive center of the generator creating a continuous cycle, a process that Prof. Searl has described as an "electron ramjet".

Upon reaching a threshold level of efficiency, the generator's weight dramatically decreased to a negative state at very cold temperatures. The SEG's mass inertia concurrently also inverted its state which effectively created what may be termed as an anti-gravity machine with superconductivity due to the extreme electrical and spin-orbital rotating magnetic fields. Then most unexpectedly, the SEG promptly shot through the roof of Searl's lodge and was never seen again.

Several more units were made and lost outdoors until he incorporated a dielectric layer to its construction and the practical power generator (SEG) was thus realized.
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