32,4 Lbs Flywheel Spins 5 Hours on its Own Momentum

Check out my giant fidget spinner - a 32,4 lbs flywheel that spins 5 hours on its own momentum - barely suspended with neodymium magnets using two 1" ball bearings as contact points Two 100 kg pull force Neodymium magnets and two 80 g / 1 inch diameter steel ball bearings form a great suspended low friction bearing for the 14,7 kg flywheel. To get the lowest possible friction I adjusted the magnetic holding power so that it was just enough to carry the weight of the flywheel. Once I got the wheel spinning really fast and the spinning was steady enough I took the added metal off again for lower friction. With pneumatic air you could get even faster rpms. A thin layer of sewing machine oil for the contact points also helps to preserve the inertia. I Made top and bottom spoke covers out of plywood for better aerodynamics as AVAmagneticlev suggested. Magnetic pull force was adjusted with regular metal bolt and nuts to the absolute limit and added more metal for the launch so the wheel could withstand the trembling caused by the drill. More metal on the magnet makes the magnet stronger - which is a interesting phenomena in itself. The flywheel spun for over 5 hours and rock-backed additional 17 minutes.


Music: Ipanema Daydream - Bird Creek
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