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#37 H2O2 - PWM Case V2 Calibration Part 15 of 17

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In this episode, Board Verification & Rough Calibration.
This is My Concept of what a PWM case should look like. Minimal cooling, no fan! Why, Because The Four MosFets are not driven hard. No moving parts to fail. Automatic Current Control! Why, Because without it any HHO cell will heat up and reach thermal runaway: Current increase and the cell gets hotter this continues until the cell melts or the current source fails or the fuse blows. A Function to monitor Peek Current! Why, because the System will fail if the peek current is to high. Knowing peek current means you are in control of your Cell and its Electrolyte.

Home Page: http://www.youtube.com/user/H2O2FromH20
Web Site: http://www.h2o2fromh2o.oregonsouth.com/
Mosfet Configuration: http://www.h2o2fromh2o.oregonsouth.com/images/PWM-CASE/H2O2-InfoDoc-PWM-MosFet-Configuration.pdf
H2O2 Store: http://www.h2o2fromh2o.oregonsouth.com/H2O2-Store1.html

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