#378 Vortex Field Permanent Magnet Motor part 1

(10/8 new progress report. scroll down.) Complete theory of operation and important update on the assembly of my VFPMM proof of concept model. Links below. This design is preemptively made open source. That does not mean I release any copyright claim to the design. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED! This means YOU MAY NOT PATENT MY DESIGNS OR PRINCIPALS DESCRIBED IN MY DESIGNS. THEY ARE FREE TO ALL. KEEP IT THAT WAY!

The video itself may be shared freely and embedded anywhere.

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For those who like to use IRC chat clients, the server I now use for chat is tyrol.geekshed.net:6667, channel #zero-labs. Clients known to work include Xchat, Chatzilla, Pidgeon, Adium and Andchat. Many are cross platform.

Hope to see you there!

10/4/14 - Toying around with straight cylindrical rotor magnets last night (not the magnets I based the design on) it became clear that the linear motion I predicted for the stator magnet in the intervening spaces between rotor magnets only holds true if the stator magnet is in the absolute center between them, the absolute center of the opposing fields. Obviously this cannot happen if the rotor magnets need to pass by. The stator magnet can only be held along side as the gap passes by and this is where I encounter a sticky spot. *SO*, if I can't bring the stator magnet to the absolute center of the opposing fields, I will be bringing the center of the opposing fields to the stator magnets. How? By arranging the rotor magnets in the same general shape as the magnets used by Ed Ledskalnin. Bought some last night. Should be here mid-week. Very anxious to test.

10/8/2014 - See Twitter feed for photos. New magnets arrived. Assembled to drum. Ran tests. It's not free running yet but based on gear timing I can clearly demonstrate about 1.5-2x less drag in one direction vs the other and I can reverse the direction of lesser drag by shifting the stator magnets 180 degrees out of phase. I now have a continuous out of balance rotary condition! Progress is moving forward!
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