3D Printed Soda Bottle Thread Adapters for Air Tank Making and Water Rockets

You can download and print our free Soda Bottle Thread Adapter files to create compressed air storage tanks, or for pressure testing Water Rockets.

Using these adapters, you can no join any soft drink bottle with a standard 22mm neck to a 3/8" NPT Male Pipe Thread. This design uses our innovative #213 O-ring sealing system for handling high pressures, and also works with regular flat rubber washers as well.

These adapters are ideal for pressure testing water rockets, especially the type made using spliced bottles, and are also useful for anyone wishing to make a 2 Liter Bottle air storage tank.

Download the file needed to print this adapter from here:

Also check out our Tornado Tubes for joining bottles:

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Caution: You use this part at your own risk. We cannot guarantee the safety of this part due to the differences between printers and filaments. Always safety test parts like this and follow proper safety measures when dealing with Water Rockets. Use with adult supervision.
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