4 Critical Steps for Starting Power to and Off Grid Solar Energy System.

Here I take you through the process of starting the solar system power.
You must follow these steps in order to avoid damage to equipment and operate the system safely.

1. Turn on the Breakers in the Combiner Box, which energizes the conduit from the solar panels to the enclosure panel.

2. Turn on the Breaker from the Battery Bank to the Charge Controller, powering up the charge controller, then selecting the correct settings.

3. Turn on the Breaker from the Combiner to the Charge Controller, this initiates the charging of the batteries from the solar.

4. Turn on the Breaker from the Enclosure panel to the Inverter, powering on the Inverter and energizing the circuit.

This is a video in my series on how to install a stand-alone battery backup solar power system.

System specs and major component parts:
48Volt Nominal System
4100Watt Solar Array (18 x 230Watt SoPray Polycrystalline Photovoltaic Solar Panels)
4400Watt 48V Magnum Pure-Sine Inverter,
Outback FM80 80Amp Charge Controller with MPPT
16 x L-16 6V Deep Cycle Batteries
Main Enclosure Panel (Custom API E-Panel)
Midnight Solar 6 String Combiner Box
UniSolar Roof Rack and Fast Jack Mounting

**Solar power arrays and components are designed to be installed by professionals. They are Dangerous electrical instruments. Misuse could result in injury or death. Please do not try this at home.
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