40W Peak Crank Generator With 100F Ultracapacitor Bank

Check out this very nice, and extremely useful crank generator which I make from a modified dishwasher motor. Perfect for supplying power or charging batteries at a remote campsite or bunker. This unit can easily be modified to connect to a bicycle. Power output is either a 12V regulated supply(Up to 3 full amps), an unregulated output, as well as a provision for charging a 100F supercapacitor bank. I also added a 12V accessory socket to this unit as shown in the video thumbnail.

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**To make it easy for you, below are (2) links. One link is for (6) 500F/2.7V caps for only $26.10 shipped using the coupon code: elec or affiliate6. The other link is for a very nice, ready made supercapacitor balance board.

**Rising voltage indicator circuit I used is here:


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