6 Electric EV Car Conversion London VW Mk2 Golf coupler to adaptor template and electric motor

I've today for the first time been able to finally see my Gearbox/Transmission run under electric power, i had to also shorten my coupler a bit because i decided to use 8mm steel plate instead rather than a thicker half an inch plate, but what you haven't seen is that i've had a tiny bit of play on the teeth of my coupler due to of kept removing re installing and playing around with it unnecessary, it had a bit of a wobble to it, but really it wasn't a dead perfect fit to start with in the first place, i do 100% recommend that you make sure that your teeth/spline on your chosen coupler does fit very tightly to your electric motor and try and source an electric motor with as least a 2 inch long shaft, unlike mine, other than that i'm so excited and can't wait now to get hold of a recycled bit of 8mm steel plate which has been so far one of the hardest things to find, also may i add, using the plastic see through method i must say is one of the best ways to work out your alignment and your hole findings, when fixing it to the motor make sure that your motor is facing the right angle for when it's finally installed into your car, ideally with the power cables not sitting at the top.
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