6 Tips To Increase Your Data Center Energy Efficiency

Learn how to reduce energy costs and increase energy efficiency of your data center with a professional site assessment. Follow these six low-cost best practices and start saving today!
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How many times a month do you check your phone? And how about your email? Your investments? Your weight?
But what about your energy bill? Have you checked that lately? Energy and IT managers are now paying more attention to energy use. Join them!
Follow these 6 low-cost best practices to start saving energy today.
Seal all unnecessary openings in the floor, cable entrances, vertical fronts of racks and wall borders and check if cabling is obstructing air flow.
Today, you can push return air temperatures as high as 35°C and save money spent on air conditioning.
By making use of underutilized equipment and turning off unused equipment, you can reduce operating expenses.
By consolidating and virtualizing your servers, you can reduce energy costs by 10% to 40%
Monitor batteries, don’t mix new batteries with old ones and replace them when their capacity is inferior to 80%.
And lastly, don’t forget to conduct a professional assessment: you can save between 20 to 50% on energy costs
What are you waiting for? Start saving today and, if you have any questions, reach out to an expert to increase your savings!
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