7 bike tricks anyone can do

One of the best ways to have fun on your bike is to learn some tricks. Today, we’ll learn 7 simple bike tricks that you don’t need a special bike for. They aren’t all cool, and they’re definitely not all useful, but they’re easy to learn and fun to do. Let’s get started.

1. A lounger - Just get going fast enough to be stable, and throw your legs up on the handlebars. Make sure you keep holding the bars to steer. If you get real comfortable it’s possible to take your hands off and steer with your legs, but I don’t usually fuck around with that. I guess being somewhat flexible or at least fit helps with this one.

2. riding blind - Sit backwards on your handlebars while holding the brake, and get your feet on the pedals. Release the brake and get going. You’ll need to steer with your body, but it’s actually pretty easy.

3. A finish line - Make sure you’re comfortable riding with no hands and just move your arms like you’re running. It kinda looks like you’re sprinting through a finish line in slow motion. Make sure you sync your arms with your legs for a super realistic effect.

4. Half Barspin - Make sure your handlebars can turn all the way around, and then practice passing the bars from one hand to the other. Do this real quick and you won’t even need to get your wheel off the ground. Now try to get them back around. It’s much harder.

5. Saddle plank - If you have pretty good core strength, you can plank on your bike seat. I call this a saddle plank. Just get going a good speed and plank on your saddle. Pretty easy actually, and entertaining too. We could call it a superman, but that name is already taken for another trick.

6. Skidding out - If you grew up with coaster brakes, you’re already a pro at this one. You can do this with just about any rear brake if you lock it up all the way. Turn as you’re skidding, and get ready to give a real mean thumbs up at the end. The dirt or sand is the best place for this one.

7. Crabwalk - If you have front and rear brakes, you can do a crabwalk. Lock up both brakes and rock your bike forwards and backwards. Lean over and you’ll start to advance sideways like a crab. That’s a crabwalk, and if you do this on a group road ride it’ll definitely get some attention. It takes a little more practice than the others but it’s fun.
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