8.5 DCV Earth Battery Lights Five LEDs

(After a review at the 01:49 the scrap lands on the copper pipe. From 02:17-03:17 it is still touching the pipe causing a short when the test was done.) Original post - I thought that I would try to make an Earth Battery. I managed to do this with some items that were in the garage. By the end of the video I had 15 Earth Batteries putting out 8.5 DC V. This managed to light five LED at the end of segment(I am holding three,other two are on the bench) This did allow me to see in a pitch black garage, which is hard to show in the clip. If you know how I can step up the volts please let me know...oh yeah...ZEER Pot Fridge not a ZEEK Pot Fridge...brain farts eh !!!
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