A 220 volt homemade generator. DIY Bike Generator

I will show how to make a simple but yet powerful 220 volt generator.
What you need is:
-A commutator motoror or any other 12 volt motor;
- A screw driver chuck;
- A 12 to 220 volt uninterruptible power supply unit or converter;
- 10 ampere diode: D214,D242,ДD15,D232,KD203 etc;
- Installation hardwires;
- A bicycle;
- A 12 volt battery if possible;
-We need to place the bicycle in a way that makes it possible to rotate its back wheel and keep it like this.
-Let's attach the chuck to the motor.
- The motor has to be set close enough to the back wheel in order for them to contact. You can slightly raise it with the help of the spring.
-Let's connect our motor to the battery. Anode must be connected to the positive terminal whereas the cathode must be connected to the negative terminal.
-Connect the battery to the uninterruptible power supply unit or converter. That's all! You can connect 220 volt appliances to the uninterruptible power supply unit and use it! As soon as it runs out, you can spine the pedals and in about 1 hour the battery will be charged.
Where to get details?
- You can buy a motor in a automobile shop: a electric fan heater. It's not expensive. In case if you want to get it almost for free you can take it out of an old car at the scrap- yard.
- uninterruptible computer power supply unit. You can use an old one with a broken battery. You can also use a 12 to 220 volt converter. It can be found in any automobile shop.
- 10 ampere diode: D305 D214,D242,ДD15,D232,KD203, D246, D243, D233, , D210, D203 etc. You can buy it in radio electronics shops or you can take it out of old electrical appliances.

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