A Greener Today - Seattle, Washington Dispensary Tour

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Welcome to A Greener Today, home of exceptional deals on multiple award-winning strains. Our storefront is located at 10522 Lake City Way NE C103 in Seattle, Washington.

We have a large parking lot that we share with other businesses but there are usually more than enough spots available throughout the day. At the moment, we are a cash-only dispensary but do have an ATM machine inside our shop.

All of the products we sell are lab-tested for THC and CBD levels as well as safety tested for contaminants and pesticides. We have a binder with all test results available for viewing at any time. We only stock high quality cannabis products here at A Greener Today and would never sell anything we would not be willing to consume ourselves.

Here at A Greener Today, our goal is to make sure that every single one of our customers get taken care of so we have grams at prices anyone can afford. Prices for grams start at $9 and go up to $16! First time patients get 10% of select flower, pre-rolls, and BHO!

In her review of A Greener Today, Weedmaps user ashleyolaka writes, “every time I come here everyone is so nice and accommodating. the chronic is most delectable.” Judging by the perfect cumulative score we have received, we think other users agree!

So if you ever find yourself in the Lake City neighborhood of Seattle, or on a special quest for a dispensary with great deals and products, make sure to stop by!

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