A link between climate change and extreme weather Never. - YouTube.flv

Water Too Much or Too Little
Multi-Pure Urges Families to Have an Emergency Plan and Kit in Place Before Disaster Strikes
an op-ed by Bill McKibben, author and founder of 350.org, narrated and illustrated by Stephen Thomson of Plomomedia.com
Go to 350.org: http://www.350.org/
Climate report links extreme weather events to global warming http://crystalcleandrinkingwater.blogspot.com/2011/09/climate-report-links-extreme-weather.html

September is National Emergency Preparedness Month. Whether the emergency is manmade or natural, the devastating results can be the same. Independent Multi-Pure distributor #424948 Carole Allen reminds Americans just weeks after the 6th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina that taking a couple minutes to prepare now can keep loved ones safe in the event of an emergency.
There are many contaminants that may get into your drinking water.
Multi-Pure drinking water systems take those contaminants out so that when people go to drink that crystal clean water it is nothing more than H20.

Consumers Digest has repeatedly named Multi-Pure a "Best Buy". NSF International, The Public Health and Safety Company™, certified that Multi-Pure removes the largest range of contaminants of all water filtering systems.
Multi-Pure ® NSF Certified Drinking Water Systems Don't Pay Retail - Use 424948-disc. For Huge Savings. Lifetime Warranty .www.multipureusa.com/callen
A Better Way To Water
Multi-Pure has been the leader in the drinking water industry Consumers Digest Best Buy! Known for high quality and superior performance, Multi-Pure's filters have been tested to reduce the widest range of contaminants.
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