A Real Levitating Hoverboard Display - by Crealev

A display we've created using an adapted Mattel replica hoverboard and our magnetic levitation technology. See www.crealev.com for more details.

Q: Are these for sale?
A: Go to www.crealev.com or drop us a line at crealev [at} crealev {dot] com

Q: Can I stand on these?
A: You can, but it won't float if you do.

Q: This looks amazing. Do I need a fusion reactor powering it?
A: Nope!. It's been made to run 24/7. It's very energy efficient and uses approximately 10Watts in operation.

Q: Do these work on water?
A: No, they don't. We also don't recommend using these to try and outrun oddly clothed street gangs. It's pretty rubbish preventing you from harm against normally clothed street gangs too.
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