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Adam Trombly confirms magnetic grounding a Faraday Generator's iron chassis.

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Since a twirling mass of air charges itself up with an electrostatic charge (according to Charles Chandler in his ebook...

The Electromagnetic Nature of Tornadic Supercell Thunderstorms

...) and since a vortex will also charge up its linear column with a high amperage low voltage DC (according to standard ball bearing motors...


...), and two vortexes counter-rotating would gain efficiency at their turbulent junction (similar to like poles of a magnet pushed together and as Bryan Strohm makes note of at 47 min., 32 sec...


...), then a coil of very long thin wire (similar to a voltage coil within an electromechanical watt-hour meter) surrounding this linear shaft would favor elevating the voltage of this device while lowering its amperage -- especially if the length of this wire resonates with magnetic ground (see below). This is the harnessing of a tornado within a Homopolar swirl.


Accordingly, if the RPM of the disks should accelerate due to their saturation plus an increase of load made upon this device, then its voltage will rise to match the demand of load.

Furthermore, since homopolar disks and tornadoes can both waste their current through losses converted into heat, and since the very magnetic field (rotating, or not, alongside the rotating electrostatically charged field) required to create a Faraday Disk Effect is also the bane of rotating electric fields by acting as their braking force (such as the braking magnet of an electromechanical watt-hour meter), then I propose that the use of a magnetizable sinkhole was utilized by Tesla in his Special Tri-Metal Generator (reported to us by William Lyne in his book, "Pentagon Aliens", ...

pg. 293 in this PDF
or, pg. 285 in his text

...and in his interview with Paul Scofield...

...) to both carry away excess heat to the ocean surrounding Nazi U-Boats (outfitted with an electric drive and this generator powered by compressed air stored onboard as liquid air) and to also carry away excess magnetic charge to a very large mass of iron, for Tesla stated: "for every 200 lbs. of iron added to this device, the output is increased by one horsepower." Mr. Lyne insists that an iron chassis surrounded this device. And I suspect that Bryan's statement at...


...that: "Adam Trombly's device achieved saturation of current within its rotor" is possible because its (iron?) chassis is magnetically coupled to a much larger mass of iron held outside the immediate vicinity of such a device. This may have been the case inherent within the structural hull of the Nazi Electro-U-Boats described by Mr. Lyne. And the iron chassis immediately facing the inside of this device may be smooth while the outermost exterior of its magnetic sink may be ridged since magnetic flow may intensify along the edges of the sink as is demonstrated in numerous ferro-fluid videos...


Whether this removal of magnetic field at the source (concentrated at the device's center) dilutes the magnetic field at the source, or merely adds more magnetism in addition to the source, either way could imbalance its relation with the original electric field. And with overunity devices, it is this asymmetry which is so often sought for yielding more energy at less cost.

But there may, or may not, be an additional component to this magnetic grounding, in that, the iron mass is grounded to the Earth via a living entity. And since living creatures, such as a relatively non-polluted ocean teeming with life, encompass a body of water, this may parallel the need for grounding this device to moving bodies of water (since moving water purifies itself while stagnant water dies off) analogous to cloudbuster technology (of Wilhelm Reich and James Demeo) requiring the same. Water may merely represent one example of the fluidic characteristics of a Faraday Disk. So, magnetic coupling to the atmosphere may also achieve grounding to a magnetic sinkhole of vaster dimensions than the metallic sinkhole to which this device is bolted down to. {I'm thinking UFO power generators may require the same magnetic grounding as Tesla's Special Generator since William Lyne claims, in his other book, "Occult Ether Physics",...


...that all of his inventions were to service his singular desire to create his "Ideal Flying Machine" -- as he called it -- what today has become known as UFOs.

My study of Tesla's Special Generator starts getting interesting around post #56 at Energetic Forum...

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