Ageplay After Dark Radio

Taking a look at the lifestyles, issues and its community of ageplayers, Ageplay After Dark Radio addresses topics some may considered taboo. Focusing on alternative sexuality, BDSM and spanking within ageplay and abdl, we push to uncover what fuels today's kinksters and their taken identities including: daddy/dom; mommy,/dom; little girl; little boy and baby girls and boys. Also, AADR discusses their activities including kitten play, spanking, juvenile punishments like timeout and diaper play. With the rise in alternative sexuality, diaper fetish and abdl have become evermore popular so we invite diaper girls and boys to take part in the show along with their supporters. This is a sex positive show designed for parties 18 and older, or those who have reached the age of majority in their local jurisdictions. We Age Play After Dark!
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