Air Driven vs. Mechanical Vacuum Pumps - Piab

When beginning a discussion comparing the two main vacuum generators, it's best to start by looking at the big picture -- the very big picture. From a global environmental perspective, air-driven pumps, when used properly, can provide tremendous advantages. In fact, the U.S. Department of Energy has launched what it calls a "Compressed Air Challenge" to help lower the country's energy consumption and reduce greenhouse gases. This initiative is designed to build awareness of how users of compressed air improve and maintain efficiencies and lower output pressure.

One of the main recommendations from a major air compressor manufacturer is to regulate all point-of-use operations at the lowest possible pressure by using a quality regulator. These regulators can work to lower both leak rates and demand, making an environmentally-friendly pump system even safer and more efficient.

When you compare the features and benefits of multi-stage (compressed) air-drive pumps versus those of the traditional mechanical pumps, one option is clearly superior. Low-pressure vacuum generators are cleaner, more durable, have a much longer life expectancy and suffer much less downtime, saving the operators countless man hours and dollars. So for your internal operation and the external environment, these multi-stage air-driven vacuum pumps are truly are a breath of fresh air.
  • Steve F.

    Nice video, but you neglected to show the energy consumed by the compressor that powered the venturi pump. I realize it's a bit more complicated, but needs to be done for a typical duty cycle to make a fair comparison to the mechanical pump.