ALEKO® 350W Vertical Wind Generator

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ALEKO® 350W Vertical Wind Turbine

A wind turbine is a popular name for a device that converts kinetic energy from the wind into electrical power. Technically, there is no turbine used in the design, but the term appears to have migrated from parallel hydroelectric technology (rotary propeller). The correct description for this type of machine would be aerofoil-powered generator. Our ALEKO Wind generator will provide you with the power you need for your home or your business. Low start up speed, high wind energy utilization, beautiful appearance, and low vibration. The generator has a friendly design, for easy installation, maintenance and repair. The blades have such advantages, high utilization of wind energy which contributes to the annual energy output. The generator, adoption patented permanent magnet rotor alternator, with a special kind of design, efficiently decrease resistance torque.

Rated Power: 350W.Output Voltage: 12V or 24 depending on the model.
Wheel Diameter: 1.12 m (3.67 Feet). Start up wind speed: 1.5 m/s (4.9 Feet per second). Rated wind speed: 11 m/s (36 Feet per second).
Survival wind Speed: 45 m/s (150 Feet per second).
Number of blades: 15.
Blades Material: Casting Aluminum Alloy. Generator type: 3 Phase permanent magnet ac synchronous generator.
Generator Case: Casting Aluminum Alloy.
Control System: Electromagnet.
Speed Regulation: Automatically adjust windward direction.
Working temperature: -40°C - 80°C
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