Algae: The Next Green Biofuel - Scott Williams, PhD #IB12

Researchers in Baltimore lead a revolution in biofuels, produced from a tiny biological powerhouse. We lead energy intense lives. Fossil fuel sources are dwindling. Their use changes our climate. Foreign imports are used to meet rising demand. Biofuels are renewable, carbon-neutral, and grown domestically. One promising biofuel source is algae, which grows at a very high rate; 1 pound of algae grows to 50 lbs in only 7 days. Bio-oil makes up 30% of the weight of algae, which is extracted to make biofuels to supplement or replace gasoline, diesel and jet fuel. Crops need fertile soil to grow. Algae can grow on non-arable land to avoid the "Food-or-Fuel" conflict of biofuels like corn ethanol or soy biodiesel. As research improves efficiency in algae biofuels, prices continue to drop. In our lifetime, algae will be farmed as a crop the way corn is today, and cars, trucks, planes and trains will use a truly green fuel. Presented for all with a Creative Commons license (BY-NC-SA).
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