All free piston Stirling engine (homemade)

Hi all!
This is my first working all free piston Stirling (AFPS) Engine.
NASA and Sunpower use this design in high tech version.
I replicated my friend simi112's free piston engine, but I changed some parts of this engine. No center rod in, just a beer can bottom dome with lot of holes. (It was He's idea too!)
That is the holder of the displacer's pistone.
So simple design, but the stroke is so long and powerful.
Approx. 40mm
Weight on the top: 125g
Heater: Alcohol burner

Next steps:
Cooler, water tank
New power piston, a 90 mm diameter speaker with 10mm stroke.
And i hope it will be OK! :)

I'm the last optimist!
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See You soon!
I used this :
MESTER hőálló szilikont használtam
Hungarian sites of Stirling Engines:
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