All new wind turbine (DAWT / VAWT / HAWT). " How it works"

See how this new windmill design works.
New Wind Turbine Technology (2018). The innovation of this new design has nothing to do with the Round Blades. The new technology relies on a combination of three features synchronised together to achieve the blade angles for best torque and regulation of speed.
"1" - Vertical axis rotation of blades combined with, "2" - Horizontal axis rotation of the blades and "3" Offset blade angle (not perpendicular to the radial support arm). All three features are synchronised together so the blades are adjusted to the correct position in relation to the wind direction. This Dual Axis Wind Turbine (DAWT) is the first of its kind to control pitch in this way.
By synchronising horizontal axis rotation and vertical axis rotation the offset blades can be positioned at the best pitch relative to the wind direction. On this test model a wind direction vane is used to synchronise the blades via a single set of bevel gears. The design takes advantage of, not only lift forces, but also positive drag. Superior torque output makes start up easy and also allows for substantial "step up" gearing for running a conventional PMA generator.

ONLY THREE MOVING PARTS (plus bearings)(not including generator)
1 - Central Hub.
2 - Radial shaft with one blade at each end and a bevel gear near the middle.
3 - Wind direction vane attached to a support shaft with a bevel gear on the lower end.

The disk shaped blades are not essential for this design but do have some advantages over thin wings and other shapes.

In the video the blade movement looks chaotic ! This is due to the three dimensional nature of the blade movement. In reality the orbit and roll speed of the blades remain constant as long as the wind speed and direction remain constant. There is no back and forth movement or reciprocating of the blades, there is only constant rotation in one direction on both horizontal and vertical planes.
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