Altairnano 20MW/5MWh Power Management Facility

The Altairnano 20MW/5MWh power management facility enables rapid deployment and delivers powerful fast response capabilities to support todays power management challenges. Each 20MW facility is comprised of 20 1MW/250Kwh ALTI-ESS (Energy Storage Solutions), Altairnano's advanced power management building block.

Based on advanced nano-structured lithium-titanate technologies, each 1MW/250kWh ALTI-ESS responds within milliseconds to control signals by releasing or absorbing power from the electricity grid. When used for frequency regulation applications, the ALTI-ESS helps improve equipment and capacity utilization, strengthen operational efficiencies and reduce carbon emissions.

Smart-Grid Applications Supported:

oFrequency Regulation
oPhotovoltaic Smoothing
oWind - Ramp Rate Response
oSpinning Reserve
oPower Quality Solutions
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