Alternative Fuel Generator, twin vertical geet reactor

After many hours of studying Paul Pantone's Geet reactor or fuel vaporizer system, I decided to take a shot at building one. I used a surplus four cylinder Wisconsin generator. The engine had twin vertical exhaust pipes,so I built the Geet system with two fuel vaporizers. Each rod is 7" long and 15/16 dia. inside two smooth bored intake pipes surrounded by the exhaust. I installed two 9" x 4" bubblers, using two marine sea strainer units. Using the bubbler system I was able to run the unit on a 50/50 gas and water mixture but through the testing I have done, the engine is only consuming a 25% water to gas mixture. In order to achieve this result you must constantly change your mixture control valves as the fuel level decreases. I than realized that all the engines I saw run this way were running on small bubbler systems and as the levels of fuel decreased the fuel mixture would change over time. In order to solve this problem I developed a continuous feed tank that stirs and recirculates the fuel. I have also added two ultrasonic transducers to the bubbler system for a much finer vapor. The unit now runs great and can run for prolonged periods of time without changing the fuel mixtures. The normal burn rate for this unit at 1800 RPM is 1.66 gal per hr. I am now achieving 1 gal. per hr.and can run with a 25% to 75% water to gas mixture. I have also checked the reactor rod temps. and they run about 250 degrees. Although I don't see any indication of a plasma reaction I do have a good magnetic signature in each rod. Maybe the rods are not running hot enough. I also just ran the engine on diesel fuel and it runs perfect. Please enjoy the video and let me know what you think.
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