Alternative Fuels and CEMEX

The use of alternative fuels to replace traditional fossil fuels is a key pillar of our carbon strategy as it contributes to significantly reduce our overall CO2 emissions.

The substitution of fossil fuels with alternative fuels result in numerous benefits such as:

1. Reduced GHG emissions
2. Saves fossil fuel for the future
3. Reduced need for landfill
4. Recovers energy from waste
5. Reduced energy costs

During 2011, we achieved a 25% alternative fuel substitution rate, a marked improvement from a baseline of 5% in 2005. We have set a target to reach a 35% alternative fuel substitution rate by 2015, and we are on track to make it happen.

As we strive to accomplish our goal we understand the need to engage and develop an open dialogue with our communities, communication is fundamental.

Read more about CEMEX's achievements on the road to building a better future in our 2012 Sustainable Development Report available at:
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